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Feronia [userpic]
Brisbane Recommendations
by Feronia (adelphiwaya)
at April 3rd, 2009 (10:48 am)

Hey just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good Brisbane tattoo parlors? I got one done at Wild at Heart in the city and they were okay but were overpriced based on the pricing for the tattoos I got when living in Sydney.

ahbittersweet [userpic]
'Tramp stamp' now mainstream
by ahbittersweet (ahbittersweet)
at November 24th, 2008 (08:46 pm)

This article is in The Age this wekeend http://www.theage.com.au/news/lifeandstyle/beauty/tramp-stamps-now-mainstream/2008/11/22/1226770800787.html

Just thought I would post. If it is not allowed pls take it down mods.

This is the diary of Laura Palmer. [userpic]
by This is the diary of Laura Palmer. (mordant)
at October 29th, 2008 (12:34 pm)

Guys, I finally got my first (real) tattoo. Read more...Collapse )

zildjian77 [userpic]
South coast artisit?
by zildjian77 (zildjian77)
at September 22nd, 2008 (09:55 pm)

I am looking for a recommendaton for a great artist down south!
Possibly the gong area or Nowra way if there is any. I can search the books or google them but they dont give me word of mouth actual experience.
if any one has any knowledge of artist that way then please let me know links to websites or contact details.

P.S, I posted regarding westsydink at belmore a few weeks back I ended up going there mainly cause the artisit is married to a work mate but he turned out pretty good. Quite good at lettering not so bad but not so great at other art.

zildjian77 [userpic]
Any reports?
by zildjian77 (zildjian77)
at August 31st, 2008 (09:11 pm)

current mood: curious

I have just found my new local tattooist and not sure of whether or not to try them out. I like to support my local businesses.

They are located in Belmore NSW

I checked out their website www.westsydink.com.au and its obviously new (probably much like themselves) cause there is nothing on the site apart from info so just thought Id throw out a question has anyone heard anything regarding this place?
Good or bad comments welcomed.

lafemme_larissa [userpic]
For Mum
by lafemme_larissa (lafemme_nikita)
at August 4th, 2008 (11:26 am)

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A fairly long time ago i posted some pics of the tattoo i had planned. It's been a couple of years but i've finally had the tattoo done and completed. Thought i would follow through with oztattoo and actually post the finished product.

This design is in respect for my mother who passed away in Feb 06. My friend designed it for me and i made a few changes over the years. Got it completed in Shepparton (Australia) earlier this year.

See below:

My tattooCollapse )

*Acid* [userpic]
by *Acid* (krissy_girl)
at July 4th, 2008 (01:44 pm)

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I finally got my Dark Side Tattoo. I woke up yesterday and decided to stop putting it off.

They did a pretty good job covering up the old one I had there.

Read more...Collapse )

I have to go back once I have worked out what I want to do, with what is currently just a black line, to make it represent the light.

It really hurt when they went over the scar tissue. I'm glad she only had to trace the Eye of Ra when she did the rainbow.



Kimberlada [userpic]
True Blue Tattooing, Camden, NSW.
by Kimberlada (kimmolation)
at April 14th, 2008 (05:29 pm)

I just saw an article on the news about a tattoo shop in Camden, in Sydney's southwest, that has just been attacked for the 3rd time since it opened in November.

Yeah November 2007.

Yes, that's only 5 months ago.

It has been reported that the fires and the truck through the shop front early this mornign are the work of a biker gang, who think True Blue are going to take away business form them.

What a crock. If you're a good tattooist, in a shop with a good rep, then you have NO worries about losing business, but if you end up fucking up, that COULD cost you business.

A similar thing happened to my tattiooist's old boss, his shop was trashed about 5 years ago, in what is rumoured to be an attack by a biker gang as well. Maybe the people who are doing the trashing should find BETTER tattooists to work for them then eh? And give them good working conditions and THEN they they might not feel so threatened by people who can actually tattoo well huh?
Really, The only reason people won't go to a tattoo shop is if the artists suck, the shop is filthy, or the owners try to intimidate people.

There is more than enough customers for every tattoo shop in Australia, even if there are more than one in every town, suburb, city whatever.

Michelle Smith and Rob Medley have my support in rebuilding their shop for the third time, and I think anyone else who is involved in the industry should support them as well, whether it be getting or giving tattoos, have your say, or if you live near Camden drop by and tell them you support them. It's fucking disgusting that a young family who go through proper channels to get a tattoo shop opened, have to fight tooth and nail to stay open, in their first 6 months of business.

The shop is located at:

True Blue Tattooing
Shop13/ 1 Murray St
Camden 2570

And here is an article from the Camden Gazette today:

Tattoo parlour attacked again

Police are investigating another attack on True Blue Tattooing in Murray Street.
Witnesses called the police at 2am this morning after a truck was rammed through the front roller door of the tattoo parlour.

The truck's tray was alight.

A crime scene has been set up by police.

It was the fourth attack on the parlour since it opened in November.

Anyone with any information should call Camden police on 4655 0599 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

x-posted to my own journal, and a bulletin on myspace.

Feel free to re-post or write your supportive entry somewhere online. This is just bullshit.

elliehump [userpic]
by elliehump (elliehump)
at April 2nd, 2008 (08:23 pm)

hi there, i was wondering if anyone knows of a tattoo artist who does work with irish gaelic lettering?
in sydney would be best, but i guess id be willing to travel because its not a very common ability as far as i know.


zildjian77 [userpic]
by zildjian77 (zildjian77)
at March 17th, 2008 (09:16 pm)

current mood: good

My brother and I are contemplating our next tattoos and were thinking of getting matching ones, he wants to get either our last name in old english text OR the southern cross,where as I am not sure what I want just yet........but I do like the idea of us getting matching tattoo's! 
If we get matching ones I am leaning more towards the southern cross.
However I don't really understand why people get the southern cross............Im not against it as tattoos are about peoples indiviual style being expressed but this is where I thought I would ask anyone if they had a southern cross tattoo.
Where on your body did you get it? 
What was your personal reasoning behind getting it? 
What does it represent to you?
If anyone could give me an insight to their reasoning it would be awesome.

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